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Hello there!

This announcement is a bit of a twist on the usual “Twelfth Take – we’re doing stuff” announcements that we consistently fail to follow up on – as this time we actually have a date for you to add to your calendars.

Our new web-series, “Live at The Music Room” will begin on Sunday 25th October, and a new episode will be released every Sunday. Here’s the pitch:

Live at the Music Room is a passion project created by a group of friends, some filmmakers, some musicians (and some both) who wanted to create a totally new music discovery platform based around unsigned local talent. We realised that for unsigned bands, finding and connecting to new audiences and potential fans was an incredibly time-consuming job and regularly constrained by geographical location. For music listeners wanting to find new music, digital music stores are already saturated with the same high-profile artists – and music discovery sites are primitive and filled with low quality user-submitted content. We propose to create a new and original weekly web-series which introduces and showcases unsigned local talent as they play an abridged live set in an unconventional location.

Each episode features a different band and opens with a short documentary about their story. They then play 3 or 4 songs in a dingy basement/disused factory/forest clearing whilst being captured by multiple cameras and recorded on studio-grade audio equipment. The resulting show is then presented on YouTube, an iTunes podcast audio feed and on the show website – alongside blogs and write-ups about the ever-thriving unsigned local music scene.

Sound good to you? We hope it does!

For regular updates, be sure to stalk us on Twitter and Facebook – and check back here on the evening of the 25th for the first episode and website launch!

If you’re a band who would like the feature on the show, please get in touch!


On an unrelated note, we’re also just finishing up a new short film. One which I promise we’ll actually release this time.

Seriously. We will.