The Music Room: Episode 2 | Heir

The Music Room: Episode 2 | Heir

Heir are an indie/pop band from Leeds, UK. Influenced by HAIM, Fleetwood Mac and Paulo Nutini, the catchy songs we were treated to had every single one of us on The Music Room crew hooked. We now slip lyrics into messages with the band and we don’t think they’ve noticed yet…

Hello! Who are you and where can we find you?

We are Heir. I’m Tom (vocals), I’m Sam (guitar), I’m Ste (guitar), I’m Harry (bass), I’m Sam (drums). You can find us on FacebookTwitter and Soundcloud. We’ve also got a website:

How did the band come about and how long have you been together?

We met at uni so we’ve known each other for a couple of years now. Maybe pushing three. But we only actually formed the band and released ourselves as Heir last March, so it hasn’t been that long really, but it’s been great so far. We’ve tried to keep pretty busy, and had lots of things on the go, and trying keep momentum and stuff like that.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Ste: I think its individual influences combined, so we all bring different things to the table. For me, the sound I hear form what we all come together is a lot of HAIM and Fleetwood Mac. Just because of Toms voice in general, a bit of Paolo Nutini.

Sam (drums): We’re very into warpaint as a rhythm section. I don’t know if it comes across, it’s there for sure.

Tom: Yeah. It does, because you’ve always got like marks across your face.

At this point, we all pause to warn our sound guy, Tom that his boom is dropping into shot. Band Tom proceeds to compliment Sound Tom’s boom handling ability and stature, before asking us to ensure we left this bit in the interview.

Why the name Heir? Where did that come from?

Sam (guitar): It took along time to reach a conclusion. As always finding a band name can either be there it is, or it can be months of how about this, how about that? But it was Mr Fisher in the end wasn’t it? Who struck gold.

Ste: Yeah. I’ll take credit for it. I’ll be getting most of the royalties for everything that we do. Yeah it was just absolute hit and miss like suggesting names for a while, we were thinking of going under a solo project, as just using Tom as he was writing a couple of the songs at the time when we were first forming. After sitting down and accidentally stumbling on a lot of Japanese rock band names, I thought of one word just randomly. And it sounded okay I hope.

Tom: Best decision made because it would be an absolute tragedy had I have been the focal point. I get to sit and let these guys talk now, otherwise if it was the other way round, not sure I’d enjoy the lime light.

What do you do when you’re not gigging?

We’re still studying but it’s starting to take over our lives, quite a lot. Tom’s nagging us to email people all the time and take care of the internet. We are accountants more than we are like, producers, promoters. Obviously we’d like to make what we’re doing full time, so we’re kind of setting that kind of standard for ourselves. If we’re not gigging, we’re either writing or busking or the other 90% of the time as Tom’s already said, it’s emailing.

Best gig you’ve ever played and why?

Our first gig – we put on a house show in a room that could probably hold 12 people. And we had 40/50 people in. The house was absolutely rammed. And it was just wicked. It was back when we launched the band and we thought let’s try and make it fun and a party more than a event at venue. It was great just to get loads of mates around and just have a good time really. A lot of fun wasn’t it? It was almost as grimy as this basement.


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